The co-parent dinner score…

One of those days… At the office, during one of many relatively dull meetings, I suddenly got somewhat enthusiastic. In the evening, when kids would all be peacefully playing in harmony, I was going to figure out how those wordpress-menu’s work, so I could start bringing some structure to this page… aaaand perhaps adding a blog-category about co-parenting with failures, tips and tricks from the master himself, might result in a good balance with all the future blog-posts on becoming financially independent and free. I thought about posting my week-menu’s and giving them a co-parent score instead of the boring nutri-score (non-vegetarians: feel free to check on the pic below tho – I scored some healthy stuff for my kids today). The co-parent score would exist of some parameters: ease of preparation, duration, toolset-requirements, multi-task possibility (can you help a kid with homework/change diapers/clean the place while preparing the dish without risking all those colorful ingredients?), and somewhat less important: kids’ feedback- and health-score (as I’m new here and my statistics still show that 99% of you – precious readers – must be new here too: I’m just kidding. Health-score is important!).

I was about to help a lot of single/co-parenting dads and potentially also moms. Despite the obvious and less obvious differences, we all cope with the same, don’t we? 😉 I was also convinced that I had everything in place to make a dinner with co-parent score 5/5… when hell broke loose. You name it: homework catastrophes & test-induced panic attacks for the somewhat older population living here and mommy-missing madness and sadness for the little one of course triggered by the panicking elderly in the early days of their puberty. Most of the crisis got settled while my dish was in the oven (multi-tasking score pretty close to max – just saying), it was pretty easy and healthy too. It didn’t take too long and didn’t need too complex tools to realize it either. Now that I think about it… I was heading for a co-parenting score of at least 4.8/5. But then… my two teenagers agreed upon an average 2,75/5 and the youngest one started complaining about the tummy and missing mom even more… saying it was at most a 2/5, which triggered the other two again (since they are in secondary and start to understand the boundaries of failure). Hell-zone again, back to square one (and this combined with one of my empathic cats puking out its meal next to me, just when I was about to start typing this post) I think it’s fair to conclude that the co-parent score is worth nothing if those little angels (and this is without any sarcasm what so ever!) aren’t happy. Perhaps another time… but the next post is supposed to be on changing the dull-meeting situation and starting to plan to create more time to cook.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to follow/share/like/mail feedback or ask for more information about my co-parent dinner score system – Cheers.

ps: the cats didn’t get any of the remainders for those who might wonder.

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Hi, I'm the father of three amazing kids. I coparent in a peaceful way with their fantastic mom and I'm in a LAT-relationship with a superstrong Persian girl, who also brings another wonderful daughter into the family. I love sports, but somehow my body aged a lot faster than my boyish mind and it's not exactly like wine-aging. Injuries piled up since the age of 16, but I'm still not giving up at the age of 43 now. In life I've had my share I think/hope :) and when time is ripe, I will probably share bits and pieces, but the most important thing is that I always try to stay positive and bounce back (which doesn't aaaalways work out well). I've changed a lot in my life in my pursuit of happiness, but probably I didn't tackle my main problem: I don't feel free. This blog will be about life and the path to freedom. With a description of attempts, failures and hopefully successes. Thanks for reading! ps: writing anonymously for a couple of reasons, but always willing to reveal my identity in private message if for some reason this would be needed.

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